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Posted:  16 Feb 2012 17:03  
Hi to all!
Recently we redid our website and keywords are on the to do list.

What beyond city listings are the helpful industry specifics for us?
Thanks much

Alan Kvasnik
Posted:  17 Feb 2012 02:06  
office plants
interior plants
indoor plants

I'm no expert, but I recall reading somewhere that those are three top results-getters in web searches for our industry.

Posted:  17 Feb 2012 16:50  
How about these?

- Interior Foliage
- Interior Plant Maintenance
Posted:  17 Feb 2012 20:00  
Not as much as the more generic/less technical terms, as it turns out.

Posted:  21 May 2012 12:30  
Hello Friends !!
I check your keyword suggestion posts which is helpful for all. Dear Green Canvas there are a lots of key words of web sites you could not mention which filed you have required a keywords. If you mentioned then we tell you.
Posted:  12 Aug 2012 19:12  
Each page on your site should have one to three related keyword phrases that are site-specific. For example,say you have a page all about coffee mugs. Good phrases to target on this page would be coffee mugs, ceramic coffee mugs, or unique coffee mugs. See what I mean? They're all related, and they're all pointing at the same general content on the page.

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