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Posted:  01 Jun 2011 17:55  
I have a client wanting an indoor fountain. I have never provided one before so I am in need of sources and advice. Anyone with experience with fountains?
Posted:  01 Jun 2011 22:43  
You will need to be careful about siting the fountain...it only takes a little water splashing out of the containment area (pool, planter bed, etc.) to cause a slip-and-fall event that will make you regret ever getting involved with a water feature indoors.  Plus the possibility of water hoses coming undone and pumping the contents of the fountain all over the floor, carpeting, furniture, the tenant downstairs, etc.

Google "indoor water fountain" and you'll come up with lots of sources.  Campania is a good one; avoid plastic junk if possible...it's not really that much cheaper than concrete or concrete/resin hybrids, and it never looks as good as the photo in the ad or catalog.  Plan to locate the fountain within a planter bed that will give you a "saucer" to catch splashes and drips.  NO indoor fountain is free of those bedeviling occurrences!

Posted:  20 Jul 2011 22:11  
Thank you so much for the advice on indoor water fountains. You have given me a lot to think about.
Posted:  21 Jul 2011 12:43  
Depending on the size of the fountain, you will need to arrange for someone to monitor the water levels and either add water or turn it off-see above comments on splashout. A pump that automatically shuts off is good, also putting it on a timer saves on electricity and water loss.
Posted:  21 Jul 2011 15:21  
You would absolutely need to connect the system to a water supply line unless you can arrange to have someone on site monitor the water levels and refill as neeeded, and incorporate a float valve or other automated control to auto-fill to the desired water level.

It can be a bit worrisome to depend on electrical switches and controls when you're not around to keep an eye on them, especially in the case of power failures that will render them useless.  So there should be a safety feature in any valve controls to prevent water from running into the fountain and overflowing when the power is off.

Posted:  26 Sep 2012 08:49   Last Edited By: JerryLee 
Hey guys it was an satisfactory explanation for me now I can think twice for fountain.

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Posted:  11 Mar 2013 14:21   Last Edited By: JanetteBaskin 
Ah! water fountains have always excited me. Last time while shooting a short film on Dubai and its culture, I went to Water Fountain show in front of Burj Khalifa. The was amazed to see the water level... It was so awesome... Can't put it in words..

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